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When it comes to rotating electrical equipment, two things are inevitable: wear and tear. As far as you can tell, your motor or generator may be functioning perfectly, but how can you tell what is going on inside your machine?

Developed by Quartz-teq, a Quartzelec company, Lifeview is a fully flexible and modular condition monitoring solution to evaluate the health of your rotating electrical assets - a key component in reducing total cost ownership over the lifetime of a machine and an integral element of any structured maintenance and repair strategy.

Quartz-teq's Lifeview system offers owners and operators of HV motors and generators a package of solutions to suit all applications. The Lifeview Analysers offer two distinct variations to suit: the option of a fully installed, permanent solution with Lifeview Live or the flexibility of Liveview Mobile, offering portable on-line analysis for a fleet of machines.

A range of Lifeview sensors have been developed which can be installed on machines from new or retro-fitted at a later date. ATEX certified sensors are also available. (Note they can be installed on machines of any OEM manufacture).

Simple to install and providing a unique approach to the monitoring of electrical machines. the Lifeview platform provides a system which can grow with the customer’s demand for more detailed machine condition information from one single device, with a range of parameters that can be measured:

  • Partial discharge
  • Loss factor (tan delta)
  • Shaft voltage
  • Vibration
  • Rotor air gap flux
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarisation index

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