Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

It is ACCURATE policy to supply the highest quality of services, operating safely all over the project phases. It is our mandatory obligation to ensure the medical fitness and health for all personnel engaged in the job site, accordingly ACCURATE has adopted a “Zero Accident” philosophy that all work related accidents, incidents, injuries and illness are preventable.

ACCURATE recognizes the impacts of its activities on the environmental Management System to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance including prevention of pollution and conservation of natural resources.

ACCURATE comply with the applicable Safety, Health and Environmental legislation, regulation and other requirements. Implementation of this policy is a prime management objective and the responsibility of all employees.

ACCURATE management will ensure of implementation of their policy by:

• The immediate identification and elimination of any unsafe work practices and conditions in the work place.
• Elimination of human error as a source of accidents, irrespective of rank or position in the organization.
• A heightened awareness of individual responsibility and increased supervisory attention to detail.
• Building a team safety mentality where each worker contributes to the effort and each supervisor is fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of their team.
• A culture in which everyone accepts responsibility and accountability for their own and each co-worker's safety and health.
• Availing sufficient resources including qualified and trained personnel to meet these policy objectives.
• Training and stimulating their own personnel to improve their attitude to higher safety standards.
• Periodically evaluating their achievements and carrying out corrective actions.
• Establishment of Risk assessment procedures prior to the execution of certain activities, as well as investigation procedures of any accident that may occur.
• The required vigilance to ensure that safety measures are taken on site at the right time and following the established procedures.
• Establishment of emergency action procedures
• Providing of employee sanitary facilities and medical assistance facilities for injured persons.

Certificate-ISO9001-2008 Certificate-ISO9001-2008